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The Dj That Entertains The Entertainment


LasVegas.Net Joins Forces with Mr.BlackTie and The Socialite DJ of The Caffeine Radio!

“This is a big opportunity for The Caffeine Radio and well for ourselves.” say’s Mr. Black Tie while drinking his coffee. “It’s not like we don’t have a following.” Which has taken both Mr. Black Tie and The Socialite DJ sometime to obtain. Thanks to their  listeners and viewer’s at gigs and those tuning into The Caffeine

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Coffee Grounds talks with Zydeco Po. Boys

Located: 616 E Carson Ave #140 Las Vegas, NV (702) 982-1889 Zydeco is a cute little southern food shop right around the corner from Fremont St. It is a very intimate, but comfortable setting. Mr. Black Tie and I had a great time while going there. He enjoyed the Gumbo which included Rice, Okra, Beans,

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Coffee Grounds talks with Vegenation

616 E Carson Ave Suite #120 Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 366 8515 Meeting Chef Donald wasn’t just educational it was inspiring! From the kitchens of some of New York’s finest restaurant kitchens like Le Bernardin, the Quilted Giraffe and The Sign of the Dove. But what shocks me the most is that Chef Donald has

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Mr. Black Tie DJ’s at CES for Farbe Technik

  I had such a great time DJing for Farbe Technik! I also have to thank the House of Marley for the great headphones. Perhaps next time maybe I might be able to do something with Skull Candy !

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Black Smoke Jazz It Up at Tourneau (Caesars Palace Las Vegas)

Luxury is a lifestyle, and privilege. It is also the lifestyle of many of those who come to Tourneau. They get to enjoy the finer things that society offers such a power stating watches like Rolex, or Patek Phillippe. Both brands you can find in Tourneau inside of Caesars Palace and many, many more. Being

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Inside Style on Main Street Look Upon The Horizion with BlackSmoke .. The Socialite DJ and MrBlackTie

When the Abelman family asked Black Smoke to spin for their ‘Take Me Home’ grand sale event October 1, 9am – 1pm, well of course me and The Socialite DJ agreed to do it. We just had to figure out what kind of style of music we were going to spin. We decided to go

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The Socialite DJ Reclaims Reclaimed Art Supplies

As a lot of you who read these know that I am all for working with other women. With a lot of industries being male dominant, i love working with women and seeing their businesses progress. I was pretty ecstatic when the lovely ladies of Reclaimed agreed to allow DoublePlay (my at the time partner)

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The Socialite DJ DJ’s at Artifice in the Arts District

I finally got the opportunity to DJ at Artifice! Going back and forth for over a year, trying to get them to give me a shot. Since coming to the Arts District, that’s how long I was at it. They were actually one of the first people that I went to about DJing. I finally

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Black Smoke Keeps it Jazzy at The Down Town Crown Pub (Arts District) Brunch

DJing at the Crown Pub i have to say was completely different than DJing at the Arts Factory Bar & Bistro. It has a different vibe now. But different doesn’t necessarily mean bad. I had a good time DJing for their morning Saturday brunch. Another opportunity for Black Smoke to get the sounds of Liquid

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Amber Joy’s Vintage Closet in the Arts District

Many people aren’t aware of how good a black woman can look in many different era’s of time. Getting to take a look back was an eye opener for me. I was amazed to find out there weren’t many black woman pin up models, though they looked damn good. Going into the Arts District of

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Z-Boutique ” Zappos HQ ” opens to Juan Muniz with The Dj That Entertains The Entertainment ..! ( Mr.BlackTie)

The very first day I met Juan Muniz was a week after I became the resident DJ for the Arts Factory Bar & Bistro. I t was also my first Friday DJing event as well. Juan Muniz introduced me to not just himself but his character Felipe. One thing about Juan Muniz, is he is

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Aoni Bring’s Sex Back to the Beginning of Sex All Natural ( Avn EXPO )

I’d have to say, I was shocked seeing Aoni condoms at the AVN Expo. I would of thought Aoni would be more at a womens health and fitness expo. Due to the top A grade product, they focus on science and health of the product itself. Aoni is about the natural sensations. Beside being one

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Brinko Ties Projec..Magic ..Las Vegas Fashion Week ..

Brinko Ties is the joint effort of Bethany Brinko and Elizabeth Sutherlin who were inspired by fashion designer, collector and grandmother, Maria Victoria Brinko. Maria was born and raised in New York City where she was a woman before her time and was always thinking about fashion in a smart way. Her designs were based

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The Art Photographers goes on The Rise with BlackSmoke The Socialite Dj . MrBlackTie

  I had the pleasure to spin some of the finest music over at this spot. For instance Tribal and a style, I call Liquid Jazz. It’s fairly new style that I created myself. And my fiancé The Socialite Dj  also had the opportunity to spin. She also appreciated being able to spin other styles

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My First Rumor in Las Vegas …. Feb 27, 2013 Rumor Boutquie Hotel Las Vegas

I was just doing Radio on Ybs Station at the the time when I finally got my first official Dj Gig which was in Rumor Lounge! I was barely getting it all figured out, how in the bloody world I was going to do this lol…. It was Chris, the Manager at the time, who

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Djing for For Rock And Roll Marathon ( Zappos) Was Awesome at Senor Frogs at Treasure Island..! Las Vegas Strip ! 5 May 2013

  It was really cool to have spinned for the Rock and Roll Marathan. It was one the biggest events I ever gigged, several hundreds of people listening to my style of spinning, yet it was a little of controlling by management at Senor Frogs, so it wasn’t all out free style spin what ever

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Evil Never Looked So Good at Magic WWD Vegas Fashion Week … EvilApperal

  If you don’t know about Evil Apparel you should check them out. They combine sexy and casual. Their T-Shirts are really comfy and the undies are well, sexy. They are promoting their camel toe g-string, which I personally don’t understand but hey guess thery’re really for the guys lol. They just don’t look comfortable

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Horiyoshi III Legacy Comes to Life in the Fashion World at Vegas Fashion Week at Project

    Master Horiyoshi III Nakano Yoshihito was born on the 9th of March 1946 in Japan Tattooing traditional Japanese Irezumi including drawing and painting for over 40 years one can say that he has reached an impressive level in his craft and as an artist today. He is probably the most famous Japanese tattooist

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Rebel Spirit A Royal Way Of Life …at Project Las Vegas Fashion Week ..!

        In 2010, a Rebel Spirit Street Team was formed to hit some of the busiest cities in order to party with the locals and to give away tons of money, Rebel Spirit “CASH” to be exact. This Year Rebel Spirit Clothing plans on giving away over $20,000.00 in usage Rebel Spirit

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Elephant Bar Dallas Texas …

Elephant Bar is located at 17808 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas, TX. They can be reached at 972.381.0300. The most sought out exotic food and drink bar that is living up to its name is Elephant Bar. Serving the adventurous taste of the Safari with an elephant-sized dinner, both plates and drinks are huge in size and in

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Three Forks in Dallas, Texas

A magical place to go to experience gorgeous scenery, exquisite meals, and a warm Southern welcome from the moment of entry, is a restaurant called III Forks, located in Addison. Nominated in “Great Restaurants of the World” by Whit Smyth, III Forks draws in the everyday family, businessmen, and even some well-known stars. From the

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Keepers Clothing (Austin, TX ) Don’t Be just another Ducky in the Pond.!

The average look isn’t in anymore, no longer the plain shirts or boring ass ties and un-stylish jeans ( which means go fucking beyond Levis and Dickies ). The look for the men of fashion, which goes for those who are not gay as well lol! The look that is in now is the dashing

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Social Status with The Socialite DJ Socializes at Fat Tuesday at Mgm

Sitting at Fat Tuesday located In the MGM Grand is such a great experience. Most of you didn’t even know it but here you’re actually sitting at the first Fat Tuesday to open in Vegas. So we’re sitting at history here people. I had the pleasure of being attended by the awesome bartender Tipsy T.

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Guerilla Kage Ruzo Logic Starting Point For New Direction For Mr.BlackTie Spinning For The Arts !

It was just three years ago when I was asked this important questions, “Why do you want to DJ down here in the arts district when your doing professional gigs on the Las Vegas strip and Convention Center and out of the state work?” Those words and that question was asked by my once neighbor

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Black Smoke (Mr.BlackTie & The Socialite DJ) Rocks Harley Davidson (Las Vegas Strip) Bikini Bike Wash For Douglas J. Green Foundation

Harley Davidson is one, if not the most well known motorcycle company, ever. This company has been around for over 100 years!; and they’re still going. Starting back in 1901, today they are one of the largest companies. Over the years Harley Davidson has expanded their brand into many other businesses such as, fashion; Yes,

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Mr.BlackTie Goes Veggie …..

  616 E Carson Ave Suite #120 Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 366 8515 Meeting Chef Donald wasn’t just educational it was inspiring! From the kitchens of some of New York’s finest restaurant kitchens like Le Bernardin, the Quilted Giraffe and The Sign of the Dove. But what shocks me the most is that Chef

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Avn Expo Goes Masque …

Men love oral sex, funny thing is there are some ladies who love giving oral sex to men, I mean really love sucking and licking the lollipop, as it’s being called. Or for some, just sucking d@#K . No matter what you call it, it’s one the nicest things a woman can do for her

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Viking Condoms invade The Avn Expo

  They have a variety of packs, Now Viking Performance series condoms have enhances the duration of the sexual acts. It prolongs the genetalia doesn’t desensitizer of sexual activity. They call it their love making formula. These condoms come in giganic extra large sizes for men as well ribbed condoms for her pleasures, and for

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Men’s Fashion Getting exciting ..By Sir Fashion

After a few celeberties bringing in the outs of urban fashion to hippie smooth styles. Such as these two master musicians Kanye West and Pharelle. They both are ahead of most in music s well in fashion trends too. I myself have to admit, I’m looking forward to Agenda, Mrket, Project, Magic, Stitched, to see

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Mr.BlackTie …Urban Turban on Paradise Road .

Bar & eatery serving creative Indian dishes & a lunch buffet in chic, contemporary surrounds. Now I have to admit DJing at Urban Turban was bloody cool as hell. It was a honor to have been the first DJ to spin there. The whole atmosphere is sexy chill. The bar sexy cool. It’s a rare

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Art Photographers Blvd Mall ..With Mr.BlackTie and The Socialite Dj

    I had the pleasure to spin some of the finest music over at this spot. For instance Tribal, Reggae, Trance and a style, I call Liquid Jazz. It’s a fairly new, studio just opening in the Boulevard Mall. Art Photographers carries all styles of photography; from commercial art Photography to erotic Play boy

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Fizz in Caesars Palace The Socialite Dj and Mr.BlackTie

Getting to DJ at Fizz in Las Vegas’s Caesars Palace was such an honor, seeing how Elton John is the owner. I was a little nervous to be doing this gig but not too nervous. Just wanted to do a good job, and hoped that the managers liked what I did. While getting to the

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Coffee Grounds Zi-Fi

Shes’ totally depends on her wit  and knowledge  Seriously ZiFi sin’t just TNA as most men think when glancing at ZiFi. She has the body of a stripper. Defined int eh right places. But when blessed with her attention. You’ll become well equipped knowing she isn’t just all beauty. She’s equipped with sharp wit seriously

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